Horse Farm Mural

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This is a larger version of the Horse Farm Mural that shows some horses and foals in a green pasture near a white fence and a lake and house in the background.
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This wallpaper mural features horses and foals grazing in the field, with a white fence, lake and house in the background. This is the perfect addition to any room, for anyone who loves horses.

Beautiful horses can be seen here as they leisure graze on the green pasture. A foal stands close to mom, shielded and protected. A lake sits beyond the white wooden fence, and off in the distance is a house, probably the ranch that owns these lovely creatures. Pathways can be seen, lined with trees. Cherry blossom trees add a nice touch to side of the lake.

The horses are quite realistic looking, with their shades of brown and white. The grass is a vibrant green, with darker patches, perhaps depicting shadows of other trees and shrubs on the other side. The blue of the sky is mixed with white, to give the essence of a bit of fog in the background.

More Information
Production StatusCurrent
MaterialSolid Vinyl, Prepasted, Strippable
Dimensions9 ft x 15 ft
Primary ColorGreen
Secondary ColorBrown
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