Northern Lighthouse Mural

Northern Lighthouse Mural
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This is a lovely scene of a lighthouse attached to a house, surrounded by the water at dusk. This will make a great addition to any room in your home.

A lighthouse dominates the scene, with seagulls flying overhead. The sky is darkening, with a myriad of shades, indicating a beautiful day for tomorrow. The water's soft waves break on the shoreline, and the sand looks soft and inviting. A large house is attached to the lighthouse. The overall scene is very calming and peaceful.

The deep blue of the sky is mixed with softer shades of blue, with the violet pink and purple of the sunset. The lighthouse, of course, is white, and the house is a red brick with a red roof. The water is a beautiful shade of blue, with white caps of the waves. Overall, this is a very realistic looking scene with vibrant color that will make you wish you were there.

Pattern/Product: CHI-RA0191M
Brand: Three Sisters Studios
Bookname: Mural Portfolio
Dimensions: 9 ft x 15 ft
Manufacturer: Three Sisters Studios
Material: Solid Vinyl, Prepasted, Strippable
Primary Color: Blue
Secondary Color: White