Mountain Log Wallpaper

Mountain Log Wallpaper
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This wallpaper looks like a log cabin with four different pieces of wood in the design, creating an inviting picture that meets the eye of the spectator.

The Texture
The different shapes and colors used to draw the logs create a sensation of depth in the picture that almost invites you to know what is inside of that wooden cabin. There are four logs in the wallpaper and they all have different shapes in them.

The main color is, of course, brown, but with very different shades of the color in only one picture. The brown goes from very light and almost beige, to a very dark brown in the center of the woods. The shades of brown seem to be painted on the logs like you would paint with watercolors because of how soft and irregular they are.

Pattern/Product: CH7980LM
Brand: Three Sisters Studios
Bookname: Lake Forest Lodge
Dimensions: 27 in X 27 ft (60.75 sq. ft.)
Distributor: York
Manufacturer: Three Sisters Studios
Material: Prepasted, Washable, Strippable
Pattern Repeat: 24 inches
Primary Color: Brown
Product Origin: Made in the USA
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