Disneys Hannah Montana Dry Erase Kit

Disneys Hannah Montana Dry Erase Kit
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A dry erase kit for the wall; Who would of thought of such a great idea. This is something that can be added to a young teen's room that is into Hannah Montana without adding wallpaper or border. A great dry erase kit that is brought to you by Disney and Olney products. This is an easy way to add to a girls room without overdoing it.

There will always be color wherever you find Hannah Montana. Here you have three divided sections for a dry erase board. A great large purple shaped outline of a butterfly, with pink accent butterflies fluttering around. Then you have Hanna in her traditional gold jacket.

There is no direct theme here other than Hannah Montana and all things that go along with her branding. There are different musical instruments, her singing through her microphone and other fun butterflies and other girly pieces.

Pattern/Product: CHI-GAPP1835
Brand: Olney
Dimensions: 2 Sheets
Manufacturer: Olney
Material: Self-Adhesive, Washable
Pattern Repeat: No Repeat
Primary Color: Purple
Secondary Color: Pink
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