Bless This Home Arch Wallpaper Mural FK4000M

Bless This Home Wallpaper Mural | Wallpaper & Border
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In every home, you can find a classic piece that calls for the Divine Grace to be bestowed in the house. This Bless This Home Wallpaper Mural keeps true to this tradition and even make it more creative with a depiction of houses colored red, yellow and white along with willow trees against a green and blue background of grasses and the sky. This wallpaper is perfect for your living room since it has this inviting and enticing flair that visitors will readily notice.

Bless your home with something creative and amusing with this Bless this Home Wallpaper Mural.
Pattern/Product: FK4000M
Brand: Closeout
Bookname: Folk Heart
Dimensions: 12 in x 39 in
Manufacturer: York
Material: Vinyl coated, pre-pasted, strippable
Pattern Repeat: None
Primary Color: Green
Product Origin: Made in the USA
Secondary Color: Black

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