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hello kitty sitting on a basket with a pink background and stars all around

There are a lot of cats in the world of children's cartoons, but there is only one Hello Kitty. What makes Hello Kitty so special is that even though she has been around for a long time she did not get her start in a movie or a TV series. There have been a few tries at a TV series starting in 1986 with Hello Kitty's Furry Tale Theater and ending in 2006 with the Adventures of Hello Kitty and Friends.

She Is Way Up There

Can anyone argue that Hello Kitty is an iconic creation? Many will say that she has not been developed as a character and that she does not belong in the same league as cartoon cats like Garfield, Sylvester, and others, but it is a fact that there has not really been a lot of media exposure for Hello Kitty. All the Hello Kitty clothes that you see, all the decorations and all the drawings happened without ever making it to the big screen. Imagine how much more you would see of Hello Kitty if she had? Talk about a kitty with world domination ambitions.

Video Games

Hello Kitty has been on television and in video games. There have been a lot of video games released with the title character's name, but most never saw those games, because they had limited releases in Japan. Hello Kitty has been in all video game consoles since the game was first developed for her on the Nintendo Entertainment System, and she has not slowed down since. There have been at least fifteen video games that have featured this cat.


This is where Hello Kitty becomes a character ahead of every other. Decorations with the white Japanese Bobtail cat are plenty and girls seem to love her.

hello kitty getting ready with her mirror and dressed up

Hello Kitty has many decoration options for parents wishing to surprise their kids with a Hello Kitty themed room. The decorations come in many sizes and colors and because the drawing is simple and solid it will not give a feeling of clutter on the walls of the room. If you have Hello kitty decorations in your daughter's room, then you may find her drawing the adorable cat and enhancing your daughter's creativity.

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