What is Folk Art?

In the world of art where every single piece of artwork is classified under a specific genre, how does one classify the "untrained" art of the common people? Try Folk Art.

Folk Art is a form of art that stemmed from the experiences and traditions of the common people. It is an art genre that is unlike any accepted form of fine arts, classical or modern. Folk Art is artwork that reflects the traditional values of a particular society, anywhere in the world. There is no single do's and don'ts in Folk Art. The common and traditional artwork of Native Americans may be a far cry from the Folk Art of the Filipino Igorots but it is a fact that the similarity will lie on their artwork reflecting the cultural values and perceptions of each particular indigenous group.

folk art wallpaper border

This is not saying that Folk Art is limited to ethnic groups as the term encompasses any "art" by the common people. Folk Art is made by untrained "artists" who try to beautify common utilitarian objects. They like to make these common objects more decorative.

Folk Art signifies the everyday life of the "artist". Common Art includes carvings, paintings, pottery, decoys, weathervanes, stencils, posters, carousel horses and even barber poles. Folk Art is a fitting example of how the common people try to bring "beauty" in varied forms, materials and shapes in everyday life, in everyday objects. Simple quilting is a Folk Art sample.

Folk Art is now an accepted form of art for no matter how you look at it, there is beauty and a breath of freshness in folk art. The lines and curves might lack the proportion and symmetry of art per se, but the approach and the usual cacophony of colors are indeed inspirational.

Looking for something different and "refreshing"? A Folk Art wallpaper border would definitely define any living space in your home.

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