Wall Preparation

New Drywall - Apply primer/sealer with a brush or roller. This provides a smooth even surface for the wallcovering to adhere to. Also, it will be easier to remove the wallcovering at a later date. Note that fresh plaster must be allowed to cure for 90 days before priming.

Previously Painted Walls - Fill cracks or holes with spackling compound. When dry, sand any rough spots until smooth. Lightly sand enameled surfaces. Be sure to clean walls with a bleach or ammonia and water solution. Then, apply a primer/sealer to the entire wall surface or over the spackled areas at a minimum. This will make the removal of the wallpaper at a later date much easier.

Previously Papered Walls - Remove old wallcoverings and sand smooth. Clean walls with a bleach or ammonia and water solution. Apply a primer/sealer to the wall surface. All walls should be sized to maximize the slip. This allows for easier positioning of wallcoverings as it is being hung, and makes it easier to remove at a later date.

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