Top 10 Reasons to Purchase from Wallpaper-Inc

When it comes to redecorating, there are usually two schools of thought. People either love it or hate it! At Wallpaper-Inc., we believe that no matter what side of the spectrum you're on, you will appreciate what we have to offer. Here are the top 10 reasons to purchase from Wallpaper-Inc.

  • Wide Selection of Designs:

    With our vast selection of themes and designs, you are sure to find something that will suit your tastes, even if you are a most discerning buyer.

  • Low Prices:

    We understand that you have a budget and that times are tough. We work hard to keep our prices low, without compromising on quality.

  • Great Customer Service:

    Have a question? Need some help? Not sure what to choose? Contact our customer service center and an associate will be more than happy to help. We pride ourselves on giving you the very best customer service experience.

  • Retail Locations as Well as Online Service:

    We have several locations throughout Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia, so if you live in those areas feel free to stop by and shop in person. You'll find the same great selections and friendly staff who will take care of all of your needs.
    Have a look at our retail locations.

  • Closeout Gallery:

    This is an exclusive area of our website where you can purchase items for up to 80% off the retail price. These are items that have been discontinued but the quality is every bit as good as the rest of our merchandise. For those on a tight budget, this is definitely the place to start looking.
    Check out our current closeout wallpaper.

  • Create your Own Account:

    It's free to create your own account. You can add items to your favorites list, track your purchase, calculate shipping costs and much more!

  • It's Not Just Wallpaper:

    Wallpaper is just one of the items we sell online and in our stores. We also carry a myriad of other home decorating items, such as Murals, Borders, Wall Murals, Window Curtains, Bed & Bath items and Kitchen items. You'll find everything you need all in one place. What could be simpler?

  • Fast Shipping:

    We know how anxious you are to get things done; that's why we ship your items so you get them as quickly as possible. All items are packed with the utmost care so that they arrive at your doorstep in the exact same condition they left our warehouse.

  • Online Resources:

    We offer tools and resources so you can be sure you are ordering the correct amount of wallpaper for your needs. The roll calculator will provide you with the exact number of wallpaper and border rolls that you will need based on the room's height, length and width.
    Online Help/Tools

  • It's Fun to Redecorate!:

    Ok, so maybe not everyone would agree, but we think it can be one of the most fun activities on the planet. When you involve the whole family, it can bring everyone closer together and everyone will enjoy the results knowing they all had a hand in how it turned out.

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