Mickey and Minnie - A Tale of True Love

mickey and minnie married?

Mickey and Minnie first met in 1928 on the set of Steamboat Willie. Mickey pretending to be the boat's captain sees Minnie running to get aboard the boat she apparently missed. Mickey plucks her up with a crane and brings her aboard. Here starts the famous romance of two beloved mice. Almost every picture you see of these two creatures is framed in huge red hearts, silhouetted in a heart, hearts, hearts, everywhere...

Although Mickey only has eyes for Minnie, the feeling is not returned. Minnie has her eyes set on several others, Mortimer Mouse for one. Several of their movies deal with Minnie pinning over Mortimer with his fancy clothes and car. But Mickey can see right through this sly con-man mouse, and eventually wins Minnie's heart.

But can opposites attract?

Minnie is a self confident, worldly mouse who knows what she likes and usually gets it. She enjoys being outdoors gardening or shopping with her best friend Daisy Duck. Whereas Mickey is a backwards, stammering, clumsy mouse, usually falling over his own two feet.

Although they never marry, or do they...that question is up in the air, and depends who is asking. But one thing is for sure besides Tinkerbell, Mickey and Minnie are Disney's #1 attraction. So there must be something about true love that wins out over everything else.

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Mare - 2012/03/31 - 15:10:15

This article is very well written. It really made me stop and think. Yes I do believe Minnie and Mickey were meant for each other, even if marriage was not in their future. They still have the kind of love a piece of paper doesn't change. Plus I really love the wall paper selections of Mickey and all his friends. If I had a little girl, her room would be a Disney wonderland!!!!!

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