Meeting The Princesses

Seeing them in person during a trip to Florida or California, or watching them on DVD, the magical princesses are a delight young children won't forget soon. Snow White, Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), Tia (Tiana) or Jasmine bring to life the fairy tales of childhood that engrosses the developing minds with possibilities and powers they would love to possess.

Your favorite disney princesses - Cinderella, Snow White, Ariel and Sleeping Beauty

Every little girl will trade places with the animated characters in the screen. All the beauty of the princesses, the title and all that entails, like a castle and a father who is a king, fairy godmothers and even wicked stepparents become theirs. They will be rescued by the most handsome prince in the world and live happily ever after.

Dreams of Little Girls

These characters capture imaginations and lead them to possibilities unknown. Each movie can have an ending that is different from that of the original story. Some little girls may see themselves more proactive in determining their own fate. Others will just be content to follow the story and see themselves as innocent victims. One thing they will all have in common: They will wear the most beautiful gowns and be the loveliest and smartest of little girls around. They will live in enormous castles with many servants and so many playmates that they will never, ever become bored. The villain they will encounter is always vanquished. They will live a life of happiness and free of care and responsibilities.

Movies Of Disney Characters

Even though the princesses are all fictional, they have starred in several movies. These films have brought laughter and tears to millions of children (and often enraptured adults as well). Princess Jasmine starred in three movies. Her story was based on 1001 Arabian Nights and stars also her hero, Aladdin. Snow White and the seven dwarfs can also be seen on DVD, as can Sleeping Beauty, whose name is Princess Aurora. The most modern of the princesses is Princess Tia (Tiana), who starred in The Princess and the Frog, in a modern day setting.

Let The Princesses Live In Your Daughter's Room

How much more enchanting can you make your little girl's room than letting them frolic with their favorite princesses in meadows and speak with tame animals? Imagine the excitement and surprise in your child's eyes upon opening the door to her room and being vis-a-vis with their favorite, beloved characters on the walls. Wallpaper and borders depicting movie scenes will keep their minds occupied with recollections and anticipations of their characters' lives. Decorations of all different types can adorn your child's bed, night stand and lamp. Your child's happiness will become your treasure forever.

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