Disney's Tinker bell

Picture the Disney logo, now think of the character that flies over Cinderella's castle and starts the magic. Tinker Bell! A character that important has become an icon in the list of Disney characters. What makes Tinker Bell special is the she was not the main character in the movie that she first appeared in. She was a side kick to Peter Pan, and yet when you look at the Disney Castle it is not Peter Pan that brings you the magic, it is Tinker Bell. She is one of the most popular Disney characters ever.


Who Is Tinker Bell?

Tinker Bell is Peter Pan's best friend. When Peter meets Wendy, the little pixie gets jealous and causes so much trouble for Wendy that she almost looks like a bad character. Her jealousy changes when she realizes what she has done and almost gets destroyed in a heroic act of trying to save Peter. Her change of heart gets Wendy saved and they lived happily ever after. There is somewhat of a childish attitude that Tinker Bell overcomes and the character becomes one of the true legends of Disney. She has starred in her own movies, and has appeared in many adaptations.

Other Movies

When you ask what movies Tinker Bell has been in, the answer when it comes to recent Disney movies is all of them. She appears on the Disney logo,(not even Mickey Mouse can claim that). Tinker Bell has had some very important roles since we first met her in Peter Pan; most noticeable in the Disney Princess series and in her own Tinker Bell movie. Movies however has not been the only media where Tink has made appearances, she also has her own video game and if you look closely at what stores are selling she may even have her own fashion line.


Tinker Bell is beautiful and although she did grow up when it was necessary, she still gets in trouble. There are so many things that you can do to give your child's room a Tinker Bell theme. You can apply wallpaper border around the room or just one wall. You could place wallies or cutouts of Tinker Bell though out the room. Even cover the entire wall with Tinker Bell wallpaper. You can also look for Glow in the dark Tinker Bell figures they are a great addition to the room as well as Peter Pan, Captain Hook, and all the other characters. And don't forget the Crocodile!

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