Can't Go Wrong With Floral Wallpaper

Floral wallpaper, what first comes to mind is oversize flowers dominating every inch of your wall and most often up against a multi-color background. If you added any décor at all it was lost in the busyness of the wallpaper. Not anymore. With the abundance of so many different floral wallpapers to choice from today, floral wallcovering is becoming an exciting way to decorate the home and office.

Make Bold With Flowers

Go ahead make it large bold flowers, but scattered throughout the panels, or dainty pastel blooms every here and there. Then bring out the colors in items you choose for your accents. Paper the top of your walls with flowers and the bottom with a contrasting solid color, to break up the design. Then bring out the solid color in your scheme, adding lamps or a picture frame with the flowery design you have chosen to go with.

Can We Afford It?

Can't afford to repaper an entire room? Then choose a flowery wallpaper border to add across the top of your wall and again add accessories with matching flowers.

Recap It!

  • Never ending selection
  • Endless patterns and colors
  • All price points

You are only limited by your run with it!

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