Wildlife Crossing Wallpaper Border

Wildlife Crossing Wallpaper Border
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This wallpaper border features deer, elk, and moose on a tan background with trees and various types of leaves. There is nothing quite as calming and relaxing as a nature scene. This will surely create a calm atmosphere to any room in your home or cottage.

Elk and Moose
These majestic looking creatures are actually quite powerful and can defend themselves effectively if they need to. Normally, though, they are calm and go about their day in a relaxed manner. They are quite at home in the forest and don't have many predators. The ones featured in this wallpaper border are dark brown and very realistic looking. Each animal is framed in a square.

The green leaves and brown trunks create a compelling image of the forest.

The background is tan and the top and bottom trim are dark brown. Earth tones are the dominant colors in this wallpaper border.

Pattern/Product: CHI-LM7920BDB
Brand: York
Bookname: Wild Wings
Dimensions: 9 in x 15 ft
Distributor: York
Manufacturer: York
Material: Prepasted, Strippable, Washable
Pattern Repeat: 24 inches
Primary Color: Green
Product Origin: Made in the USA
Secondary Color: Brown
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