New SureStrip Storybook Mural

New SureStrip Storybook Mural
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List Price $324.99
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This mural features a large green meadow, with a lake, unicorn and castle. This mural is on the new SureStrip which hangs in minutes and removes in seconds. This is sure to add a royal element to any little girl's room or playroom.

Your little girl will feel like a princess as she gazes at the castle, surrounded by beautiful meadows and a calm-looking lake. A white unicorn can be seen by the lake, as if protecting the castle and its occupants. The shadows of the unicorn and castle are reflected in the clear blue lake.

Pretty pastel colors of blue and green dominate the scene. The sky is a clear blue, dotted with clouds here and there. A light purple can be seen off in the distance adding to the sky's beauty. Various shades of green are featured for the meadows and trees. The clear blue lake is pure and untouched. A white unicorn adds to the fairy tale theme.

Pattern/Product: CHI-RA0152M
Brand: Three Sisters Studios
Bookname: Mural Portfolio
Dimensions: 6 ft x 10 1/2 ft
Manufacturer: Three Sisters Studios
Material: Solid Vinyl, Prepasted, Removable
Primary Color: Blue
Secondary Color: Green