French Cafe Restaurant Wallpaper Border - Red Trim - Patton Norwall

Outdoor Cafe Restaurant Wallpaper Border AW77390 Red Norwall
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Our Price $12.99

Dreaming of a French getaway why not satisfy your cravings for some French environment with the Norwall Cafe Restaurant Wallpaper Border. This wallpaper will help you travel free and enjoy the nice feel of a Parisian street. Here, you can see some storefronts and even authentic cafes. The color scheme of this piece is a combination of some blue, gray, tan, black, and little touches of gold,and off-white with red trim. Take your family on a getaway to France with this Norwall Cafe Restaurant Wallpaper Border.
Pattern/Product: AW77390
Brand: Norwall
Dimensions: 7 in x 15 ft
Manufacturer: Norwall

List Price $23.99
Our Price: $12.99