Textured Beige Stripe Wallpaper

Textured Beige Stripe Wallpaper
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Stripes are often times what you see when you go into a professional building, so if you are looking to remodel your office, store or other form of professional office, take a look at the modern stripes from Brewster and company. These are textured beige stripes on wallpaper.

Beige and white stripes throughout the entire frame of the wallpaper, which is all you need for a clean, modern look in your home or office. Regardless of where you are remodeling, stripes will work just about anywhere.

It's all about the pins and stripes here, and if you are looking for your office, than you are able to work with the beige, or bring in other office decor to help offset the stripes that are in the wallpaper. Now if you are working with this wallpaper in your home, your furniture and accessories will help balance the stripes from the rest of the room as well.

Pattern/Product: 60011
Brand: Brewster
Bookname: Juliette
Dimensions: 20 1/2 inches x 33 feet (56 square feet)
Manufacturer: Brewster
Material: Prepasted, Peelable, Washable
Pattern Repeat: 20 1/2 inches
Primary Color: Beige
Secondary Color: Gray
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