The Exciting Life Of Minnie Mouse

Minnie Mouse - with a happy smile

Minnie is the female counterpart of Mickey. Minnie lives and functions the way humans do, but in miniature size. She is very smart. She keeps busy with everyday life but often, together with her friend Mickey, outsmarts the bad guys. With her humorous antics, she is generally the hero of the day, along with Mickey Mouse. Although Minnie is often the more thoughtful and sensible one, she has a lot of spunk and knows her mind. She is every little girl's friend because she is kind and sweet. There is a definite cuteness factor that draws little girls to Minnie. She is the peacemaker and the go-between. Minnie would rather solve everything with kindness and compromises than with anger and force. Despite her kind nature, Minnie is involved in a number of exciting schemes to rescue someone else.


Minnie The Mouse That Can

Minnie is a favorite of little girls because she can do anything she sets her mind to. She is not intimidated by traditional "male roles" and will endeavor to be independent in every way. She also takes good care of her little nephews which makes her a loving creature. She is independent and lives in her own house. She is also a devoted girlfriend to Mickey. All in all, Minnie Mouse is quite an exceptional and complex figure. Little girls catch on to the juxtaposition of a cute little mouse with a red dress with white polka dots, wearing a bow on her head, to the action of a self-sufficient female mouse. It makes children love Minnie and wanting to imitate her. Wearing white gloves lends Minnie a lady-like quality to which she is equal...and there is the cuteness factor.

Living In Fantasy Land

The exciting scrapes that Minnie gets into, mostly with the contribution of Mickey's folly, lights up the sleuth gene in young children. They want to be like Minnie. They want to solve the mystery. They want to be in the thick of things with their favorite cartoon character. Minnie can do anything she wants. She doesn't have to ask anyone's permission. She can drive and go places...and let's not forget the cuteness factor.

Invite Minnie Into Your Child's Room

Your little girl can have a room that is decorated with Minnie Mouse from top to bottom. Beautiful decorations will want her to go to bed at night to dream of adventures with Minnie and friends. Minnie can be on the walls and take on the role of a friend when your child may need one. Wallpaper borders with all of Minnie's friends can decorate the ceiling borders, complementing the wall decorations. You can add many other things to decorate in Minnie fashion. Lamps, sheet sets, rugs as well as smaller items like music box will delight your youngster.

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