Hanging Your Wallcoverings

Carry the folded strip to the wall. Check which is the top end of the strip, and holding the top corners, open the top fold and line up to the right of your plumb line. Establish your ceiling line and allow the 2" overlap. Smooth down the middle of the strip using a smoothing brush or soft sponge working out toward the edges removing the wrinkles and air bubbles as you go. Open the bottom fold and continue to smooth the strip into place.

Position the next strip on the wall and slide it precisely into position against the first piece so that the pattern matches at normal eye level. Butt edges, do not overlap. If need be, move entire piece by sliding it over. Do not push or pull seams into place. After you finish each strip, immediately sponge off any extra paste with clean water. Wipe paste off of ceiling and baseboards before it dries. Approximately 20 minutes after hanging, if necessary, use a seam roller to gently flatten the joints between strips.

To ensure your satisfaction, hang three strips and inspect for your overall approval. If there is a problem, stop hanging and contact your local retailer for advice.

After you have three strips up, trim them at the ceiling and baseboard using a broad knife or wall scraper as a guide and cutting, with a very sharp knife. Go slowly and change your blade often.

Go slowly and change your blade often!

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