Disneys Mikey Mouse History

Mickey Mouse - A Mouse Is Born

The creation of Mickey Mouse came about through the ruthlessness of a Universal Studio executive. It could have ruined Walt Disney but he turned it into the most profitable venture anyone at the time could have imagined. Mickey Mouse has delighted everyone, at any age, since 1928. It is the mouse that can solve problems and be funny at the same time. Mickey Mouse is the beloved hero of children. He always finds a way to turn something bad into something good. This is an upbeat, positive message for children that something positive can come from mishaps. Mickey is the good guy and, with a little help from his friends, he can do anything. Moreover, the actions of this mouse are guided by intelligence, by integrity and by humor.

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Mickey Overcomes A Big Hurdle

After ensuring that all his characters belonged to him, Disney launched a series of animated cartoons and movies starring Mickey Mouse. Mickey's first screening was mid-May of 1928. It wasn't well received. Undaunted, Disney went to work on the production of a second Mickey Mouse cartoon. It suffered the same fate as the first. Lack of finding someone willing to distribute the cartoon was a major disappointment. Finally, the third cartoon, Steamboat Willie, was picked up and distributed. The response when the cartoon was aired was instantaneous approval and enjoyment. Part of this success was attributed to the innovation of the cartoon's sound in addition to movement and specifically, that sound and action were for the first time in perfect synchrony.

A Star Is Born

Laughter is an important ingredient in releasing tension and healing the psyche. Mickey Mouse provides that through comic books and cartoon shorts, as well as movies, over and over. He has delighted his audience of millions ever since the first general public viewing. Some of the first movies were The Barn Dance, When The Cat's Away, and The Karnival Kid, which was Mickey's first speaking role. Theme songs and later the Mickey Mouse Club, as well as color television all added to the popularity of this cartoon figure. Children and adults as well, have looked forward to seeing the exploits of the brave little mouse named Mickey for decades.

Mickey Mouse Brings Life To Children's Imagination

How can you make sure your child goes to bed happy every night? Decorate his or her room with Mickey Mouse and perhaps his friends as well. Mickey Mouse wallpaper will remind your little one of the episodes he has seen on television. Night lights with Mickey on it, perhaps in lovely Christmas themes to chase away the dark, or table lamps with Mickey in the Sorcerer's Apprentice costume will stand guard to banish all bad dreams. Mickey Mouse pillows and blankets wrap the little ones in happy smiles and mobiles that softly play Rock-A-Bye-Baby will lull the little tykes into dreaming of chasing butterflies with Mickey.

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