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You make a statement when you decorate your home. It leaves you open to judgment, good and bad. By choosing to decorate your walls with wallpaper, you can have a different look in each room, combining elegance with fun and coziness. Applied borders give any wallpapered room a finished look. Borders add that little extra that changes pretty wallpaper into a gorgeous wall decoration. Choosing well is important so, after looking at several hundred designs, you could reach a point of frustration. Expert staff at Wallpaper-Inc. is ready to assist you with their decades of experience at any time. Together, you will find the perfect wallpaper border that gives your home your own personal touch while it will speak volumes about your refined taste.

The Right Border for The Room

You do want to be careful in choosing appropriate wallpaper for the room it is intended. Your dining room or kitchen should not be decorated in wallpaper that would look better in the bedroom of your children, a college dorm room, or in the laundry room. Men's sports themes, Western and Southwestern motives, or their hunting lodge also have their own places, which are not the kitchen or dining rooms. Country motives are often chosen for rooms in which we eat and cook. Gardening or inspirational motives are also quite acceptable in those areas, according to individual tastes.

How to Choose

For children's rooms, animals are often a great choice of wallpaper and borders. Disney characters will always delight young eyes, feeding children's imaginations. For boys a little older, nautical or sports wallpaper border designs may be to their taste, although nautical themes will lend themselves easily to decorate the bath as well. American would be interesting in an office or a library while a country category may well be chosen for a sewing room. Ladies' wallpaper choices often lean more toward flowers but that is not a given. Design and look of any type of wallpaper is reflected in the attitude of the person making the choices.

The Choices Are Endless

The most distinctive wallpaper choices are probably those with bath, men's, ladies', kitchen, and children's motives. These are categorized with Disney cartoons or characters, animals, lodge, nautical, country, gardening or flower designs. The Western or Southwestern borders can be applied over wallpaper in men's rooms. Designs that can be appropriate for several different types of rooms are American, country, and inspirational and of course, Traditional, which often graces living room walls. Wallpaper borders for the laundry and sewing rooms, will make working there more pleasurable. College themes are almost unlimited in taste, depending on the mindset of the student. The design and look of your wallpaper borders is a reflection of your taste but if you're in doubt, traditional wallpaper borders will always be the safe way to go.