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If you are looking for wallpaper borders online then Wallpaper-Inc is the right place to find it. Wallpaper border is easy and simple to use. You can change the look of any wall in any room with wall borders. You can get expert advice from Wallpaper-Inc about selection, preparation, and how to hang your wall border. The selection of patterns today may sometimes seem overwhelming but helping you choose what best fits your needs is what we have done for 26 years. To begin you need to narrow the selection process by choosing from a design group such as animals, bath, children, country, Disney, laundry, mens, or sports wallpaper border just to name a few. Once you do this you can then look at more specific designs and color. Our more specific designs are called themes. So for instance if you would choose sports wall border as a design group you could then choose from one of our themes such as Nascer, football, or even a sports team such as the Atlanta Braves Wallpaper Border. As another example of how to choose your wallpaper border we could pick a design group like country. Then pick bird houses as our theme and lets say we want to look for blue as a primary color in the border. We would then eliminate all but maybe 5 or 6 patterns. This is a simplified description of how we can help you when you are shopping for wallpaper border but it works. Let help you choose your wallpaper borders and you will never have to worry about paying too much or about customer service issues. Our 26 years in business selling wallpaper border says it all best.